Temporary workers engaged in agency assignments need a simple way to get paid for their work and agencies do not have the infrastructure, resources or expertise to handle the payroll themselves. An umbrella company provides the intermediary payroll service that effectively bridges the gap between temporary worker and agency. 

In the majority of cases temporary workers will secure their assignments through an agency. If this is the case, your client will pay your agency directly for the work you complete.

As an employee of Albury Hills, we will invoice your agency on your behalf for your services. Your agency will then deduct their charge and pay us the agreed fee.

Once we receive the funds from your agency we will retain our margin and cover the employer costs. The remaining money will be paid to you via Faster Payments.

Our registration process requires you to become an employee of Albury Hills using an overarching employment contract. This is so that we can provide your services to your agency and ensure you are treated fairly and given the same rights as a regular full time employee. Furthermore, as an employee of Albury Hills, you will be entitled to holiday pay, statutory sick pay and enrolled in a work-place pension scheme.

Yes you can. If you are currently using a different umbrella provider, you will have to inform them that you would like to leave. To discuss joining Albury Hills, contact one of our team on 01234 567890

Joining us is very quick. Our onboarding team will walk you through the process and send you the required documents to fill in and sign. Once your registration document, ID and contract of employment has been sent back to us correctly, you will become an employee. This can happen inside one day.

Yes you can have more than one contract and work with multiple agencies. We do not charge more for this.

Most contractors will have been made aware whether their contract deems them inside or outside IR35 legislation. If you are unsure you could ask your agency or give us a call and we would be happy to discuss the circumstances of your contract.

If you decide to use our umbrella services to get paid for your agency work, you will become an employee of Albury Hills and automatically be inside IR35 legislation. 

Yes you will receive payslips every time you are paid. These will be securely uploaded to your client portal where you can access them.

Employers’ National Insurance Contributions (NIC’s) are usually paid for by the Employer. However, for contractors working under an umbrella, the Employers NIC’s are paid for by the end client.

The contract rate that you agree with the end client will include the Employers PRSI, Employees PRSI and Umbrella margin. These are deducted by Albury Hills and reflected in your payslip/pay statement.  

Yes, your employment with Albury Hills includes comprehensive insurance cover. (Employers Liability,Public/Products Liability and Professional Indemnity)

Yes you are entitled to Holiday Pay. Upon registration we will ask you if you would like this to be paid on an accrued or advanced basis.  


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